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Frank Martinez

Arts and Business School

Ridgewood I, NY

I was diagnosed by my trichologist with male pattern baldness some years back and have tried countless hair loss products, even prescribed medications, to the point of frustration, and literally throwing my money down the drain, then at the advice of a friend I reluctantly agreed to look into this new green product called biofollicle®, so I visited their website, and decided to give them a call, I was given a consultation. and they were very informative and knowledgeable. So I decided to give biofollicle® a try through a monitoring program that was in place at the time. biofollicle® gave me real results, not only did it stop my hair from falling out in the first 6 weeks, but it produced new growth and gave my hair a healthier appearance. I would recommend this product to anyone, thanks biofollicle®!




Tafari S.

Free Lance Editor


I am 30 years old and was experiencing some major breakage along the edges of my scalp do to traction alopecia, until I found out about a natural product for hair loss called Biofollicle®, being sold at John Atchisons hair salon located in Manhattan NY, so I decided to call and find out more, and was told great things about the product, So I ended up trying Biofollicles® hair support system, and  it was one of the best choices I ever made for my hair, not only did I notice results in 5 weeks, using this product my edges returned back to normal.





John M.


Chicago IL

Because of prior experience, I’m not in the habit of endorsing hair growth products, however I completely stand by biofollicle®, In the beginning I was experiencing gradual hair loss for about 2 years and became extremely concerned by the progression of my hair shedding on a daily bases. That’s when I found out about biofollicle®, initially I had questions and decided to call the company and was offered an option to enter a biofollicle® focus group program in exchange for my feedback, so I decided to give it a try, I figured what did I have to loose. Once I received the biofollicle® system I applied the product to my hair  and could actually feel it working immediately beneath my scalp from the very first application. Less than 6 months I regained a full head of  hair, biofollicle® is awesome!




Oscar Martinez

Music Instructor 

Flushing I NY

I suffer from hereditary hair loss and was desperately looking for the right solution because I had already tried going to doctors and other products, rogaine, propecia etc. the side effects did not agree with me, so I found out about this organic hair loss product online called biofollicle® and since it was supposed to be all natural I wanted to see if it would have some impact in helping my hair grow back. My photographs reflect significant new growth in a 5 month period, biofollicle® works!

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